Fuel kWm HP kWe for COP
Natural Gas 400 542 300
Biogas 320 434 300
LPG 320 434 300
Syngas 160 217 129
Fuel kWm HP kWe for COP
Natural Gas 400 542 300
Biogas 320 434 300
LPG 320 434 300
Syngas 160 217 129
Power values are in accordance with standard ISO 3046-1.kWm values are based on a calorific fuel value for 10kWh/Nm³ for natural gas and 6kWh/Nm³ for biogas and 30kWh/Nm³ for LPG and 4kWh/Nm³ for syngas . kWe values are based on standard assumptions for mechanical and electrical losses. these values are provided for information purposes only and are non-binding.Ratings and performance are solely for reference only and subject to site conditions and JIGREN application and ratings guidelines. The product images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the final product. All information is subject to change without notice.
No. Items Technical Parameters
1 Engine Model Y52806
2 Bore×Stroke 152×180 mm
3 Gas Cylinder NO. 6
4 Displacement 19.598 L
5 Compression Ratio 11.5:1
6 Gas intake Pressure 3~15/450~700 kPa
7 Cooling Method Water Cooling
8 Aspiration Method Turbocharged Intercooler
9 Standard Gas Intake Temp. 25°C
10 Low Idle 800 r/min
11 Direction of Rotation Counter-clockwise viewed on flywheel
13 Efficiency 36%
14 Dimensions 2230×1040×1570 mm
15 Net Weight 2200 Kg
1.High power density
2.The base engine is developed by mature technology, with high thermal efficiency and excellent economy
3.Specific improvements for gas fuel, making the engine reliable and durable
4.Valve system, high camshaft arrangement, short and thick push rod, roller tappet, high reliability
5.Four-valve technology greatly increased the flow area of intake and exhaust, and effectively reduce the engine intake and exhaust noise
6.The rear gear chamber and advanced point line meshing gear technology reduced mechanical noise from transmission system
7.Wet type exhaust pipe is used to ensure the reliability of turbocharger
8.Advanced electronic control fuel system of continuous flow,super durable design, especially resistant on dry and dirty gas
9.Self adaptive and self-learning abilities on gas composition
10.Closed-loop control on fuel
11.Electronic speed governing
12.Support CAN J1939 communication
13.SAE flywheel housing and flywheel
14.With after-treatment, it can meet emission standard Tier 4
15.CDI 2.0 high energy ignition system is optional, ignition energy up to 400 ~ 600 MJ
16.Mashgas is applicable
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